Is bad breath of your dog bothering you?


Is bad breath of your dog bothering you?


Bad breath is a frequent or persistent unpleasant odour to the breath. It is also known as Halitosis.


Why does it occur?

Common causes of bad breath in dogs are:

  • Diseases of gums
  • Tartar or plaques
  • Odour producing bacteria over the tongue
  • Abscess tooth

The long-standing bad breath may also indicate problems like:

  • Liver Failure
  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus


What should I do about it?

Consult your veterinarian immediately to know the underlying cause of bad breath. Your veterinarian may perform a detailed investigation like physical examination and blood examination before arriving at the conclusion and will suggest you the treatment accordingly. If it is due to oral diseases like plaques or gingivitis your veterinarian may suggest professional cleaning of teeth along with some antibiotics. If it is a long-standing bad breath your dog may have liver problems or kidney diseases which should be addressed on a priority basis.


How do I prevent it?

As a pet owner, you must follow certain tips to prevent an occurrence of bad breath or halitosis.

  • Provide good and healthy food
  • Maintain good oral hygiene by regular brushing of your dog’s teeth
  • Consult your veterinarian regularly for routine health check-ups of your pet
  • Provide good quality chews for your dog which will help to clean the teeth and minimise bad breath
  • Regular cleaning of plaques by a qualified veterinarian in older dogs

It is advised to,


  • Use the products which are designed for pets

Use the good quality products as recommended by your treat

  • the underlying cause and not just the symptom



As your dog’s bad breath is one of the worst situation that you can experience as a pet lover, because of the close relationship, it becomes necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent the same.


A healthy dog is a happy dog

Dr. Chandrashekar Salimath



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