Is CAT the right pet for you?


Is CAT the right pet for you


Cats and dogs differ in many things when it comes to petting. Unlike dogs, cats do not require the same level of attention, grooming and company/activity. Hence are suitable for

  • Apartments (small living spaces)
  • People with busy work schedule
  • People who have no time to move around with pets etc.

However one has to choose a cat depending on its temperament, age, breed, etc that suits them the best.


Cats are most of the time solitary hunters and prefer to stay aloof/alone compared to dogs which like to live in packs or company. Cats are still affectionate and love the company of people. They express their affection by way of:

  • Purring
  • Rubbing their tail and face against favoured individual
  • Low levels of vocalization (meow in low volume)

Aggression and fear is expressed by

  • Arched back
  • Hissing sounds
  • Open paws
  • Spitting etc


Choose the breed wisely:

There are different types of cat breeds available all over the world. One has to choose wisely depending on their preferences like longing for long hair breeds which demands regular grooming and maintenance of hair coat. Some breeds are very active like Abyssinians and some are calm and less active like Persians and Scottish Fold cats. Some cats like Siamese require more attention compared to others. Therefore, it is advised to choose the breed wisely after discussing with your vet in detail about the different breeds and their characteristics.


Sex preference:

Consider the behavioural issues associated with male and female cats before choosing the right sex cat for you. Unneutered/intact male cats show:

  • more aggressiveness
  • territory dominance or urine marking

Intact female cats often roam around with male cats during her periods and keep on littering kittens. Such problems could be avoided by opting for spaying at the right time as suggested by the vet.


Age of kittens:

Kittens which are reared from a very young age adopt well with the in-house environment compared to adult cats. Hence, start rearing the kitten at the right age after discussing with your vet regarding the care and nutrition.

Therefore choose the right type of cat that suits your preferences and environment to have a happy petting and parenting. Consider following points before choosing the kittens:

  • select kittens from a reliable source
  • choose a healthy kitten with a good temperament
  • choose an active kitten
  • ensure mothers regular vaccinations
  • ensure all health records and breed registration papers


A healthy pet is a happy pet

Dr. Chandrashekhar Salimath

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