A New Approach
to Pet Care

A New Approach to Pet Care

You shop online. You bank online.
Now you can manage your pet's health online.

Activ4Pets collects your pet's entire
health history
to make it available
anytime, anywhere.

It's perfect for when you're at the groomers, boarders, while
traveling or in an emergency. We also provide e-Consultations
and Second Opinions for a full suite of Health solutions.


Take Activ4Pets with You

With our mobile app, Activ4Pets services go wherever you go. Accessing your pet’s information has never been easier and you’ll always be prepared in case of an emergency. Take it to the pet groomer, boarder or to veterinarian visits.

As well as access to all your Pet’s Health Records (including medications, vaccinations, allergies, etc.), you also can also message other members, take and share pet pictures, set calendar reminders, plus store your emergency contacts and veterinarian information.

The Activ4Pets app is free to download using the links below:


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