A New Approach
to Pet Care

A New Approach to Pet Care

You shop online. You bank online.
Now you can manage your pet's health online.

Activ4Pets collects your pet's entire
health history
to make it available
anytime, anywhere.

It's perfect for when you're at the groomers, boarders, while
traveling or in an emergency. We also provide e-Consultations
and Second Opinions for a full suite of Health solutions.


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Activ4Pets e-Consultations – Offer Your Clients a Virtual Follow-up Visit

As the digital market expands, consumers increasingly turn to technology to manage pet health. To meet this growing demand, Activ4Pets enables veterinarians to consult with clients via webcam, similar to a Skype chat.


An audio/video e-Consultation allows for better connectivity with clients and takes your expertise beyond the practice. By integrating Activ4Pets technology you could increase case load, reduce operating costs and earn additional revenue. For example:

  • Routine follow-up visits can be addressed via video link instead
  • No-shows become a thing of the past, since busy clients can schedule appointments around their agenda
  • No more questions via email, phone and social media – clients now pay for a formal online consult
  • Since you are better connected, you can provide more complete care plans for pets
  • Cat owners can easily connect without stressing their animal during car travel
  • Clients with limited mobility can reach out more easily
  • Clients who travel long distances can now connect in a more convenient manner for routine questions
  • Large or exotic animal owners have the handy option of a video consult
  • Clients would be able to consult while on vacation with pets

e-Consultations allow you to observe pets in their natural environment, providing more candid, accurate information about their condition and/or follow-up. And, since many (if not all) clients have access to a computer with internet connection, usability is no issue.

e-Consultations are just the start of the benefits for your practice. Each client gets access to our handy mobile app – allowing you to send appointment and refill reminders so treatments are never missed.

How it Works:

Clients login to our online platform, request an appointment time, complete a pre-consultation assessment and make payment upfront. You receive a notification and attend the consult at the pre-arranged time via the platform. Veterinarians can set their own price for providing the service.


Activ4Pets technology is free to use for veterinary practices and there are no monthly fees. We generate income from the sale of new memberships to clients, for which we operate a revenue share partnership.


Benefits for Veterinary Practices:

  • The ability to deliver secure audio/visual e-Consults
  • Zero set up costs and no monthly fees
  • Set your own price for e-Consultations
  • Attend more appointments and increase revenue
  • Consult fee paid in advance by client
  • Be better connected with your clients
  • Appeal to tech-savvy clients, meet the demands of modern pet owners
  • Improved client satisfaction with the Activ4Pets mobile app
  • Send appointment, refill, immunization reminders directly to clients’ phones
  • Quick, easy implementation
  • Record consultations for future reference
  • Increase loyalty and retention
  • Improved efficiency and better use of staff time
  • Creates differentiation in a competitive marketpug on a laptop
  • Promotion of Activ4Pets membership drives new streams of re-occurring revenue
  • Re-activate under-penetrated or inactive accounts
  • Staff training and marketing resources provided by Activ4Pets
  • Ability to work remotely

Client Features:

  • Consult via webcam from home, work or while on vacation
  • Peace of mind on a range of issues
  • Convenient mobile app to help manage pet health
  • Messaging feature
  • Potential to reduce pet healthcare costs and avoid duplicate testing
  • Therapeutic education such as podcasts, blogs and emails provided by Activ4Pets
  • An online community of pet lovers to interact with

Corporate Profile:

Activ4Pets is a Miami-based pet health company launched in 2014 following the success of its sister company Activ Doctors Online (ADO). Founded in France, ADO is a leading telemedicine company with more than 2,000,000 members and 3,000 expert physicians worldwide. Activ Doctors Online was created with the mission to reinvent healthcare through innovative mobile health solutions, allowing people all over the world to live safer, healthier and more productive lives. Now, we have expanded this mission with our newest solution to take better care of our four-legged family members.

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